We’ll work with up to three small tourism businesses at a time, offering bespoke advice and guidance in order to help those businesses thrive in the long term.

Business Class is not another collective, though we always encourage collaboration and we appreciate all of the work that our regional and national DMOs and associations do for us. We’d never want to nor be able to replicate that.

The program was set up to help you, yes YOU, small tourism business owners make the best of your business in a bespoke, long-term and sustainable way. We know without small & medium-sized businesses the United Kingdom won’t be the same record-breaking destination we all love.

What can we say, we love this industry and we want the sector to thrive!

Here’s the fine print…

Which businesses should apply?

To be eligible for the Business Class program the applicant must be a tourism or hospitality related business, not employ over 250 staff and been founded within the last 5 years.

How is it Funded?

For the moment, the initiative is totally self-funded by TravelBeat. However, if the program is successful and as the program grows we’ll be looking for additional funding and investment to help us help more businesses.

How will Business Class benefit my business?

We understand smaller tourism businesses might not have the resources to hire for a tourism expert. Business Class offers bespoke support to a max of 3 small tourism businesses at any one time. This program will include a variety of sales and marketing services from audits, to wholistic strategy development, partnerships, digital marketing idea and delivering b2b sales. Just like every business is different, so is every Business Class project. The TravelBeat team will bring our years of industry knowledge, our contacts and our ideas to the table, working with you to execute a plan in a sustainable way.

Given the context of the times we find ourselves in, if your main focus is on reopening and recovery then we’ll take the time to help you do this. We know how much of a nightmare it is and we’re living through it too.

We’ll start off with a ‘getting to know you’ session to identify the areas in which your business needs most support. We’ll then set a plan in place to work through the gaps together over the course of approximately six months.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to benefit from the initiative, we’re donating our time. We’ll show you how to make your sales budgets go further as part of the package, we aren’t here to siphon them off.

However, we will match fund in-kind anything you invest into the project. For instance, if you’re in receipt of a £5,000 Kick-starting Tourism Package grant, enabling you to bring in outside specialist help, we’ll double this. It’s not necessary to have one of these grants but it helps us to go further for you.

Am I guaranteed a spot on the programme?

We consider all applications but can never guarantee access to the program for a number of reasons. If we decline an application, we’ll always give honest feedback as to the reason why.

How do I sign up?

Please fill in your application form here:


Business Class program application form & e-news:


For more information, email us! BusinessClass@travelbeat.co.uk