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Tourism Strategy

What does your brand stand for?  What product(s) are you currently selling? What product(s) do you have to sell?  Where, when and how do you want to sell your product(s)? What does success look like for your business?

These are just some of the questions we’ll ask and answer together as we work with you to create your bespoke tourism strategy.  We’ll take you through our collaborative process to create an integrated, wholistic campaign which achieves your goals.

Tourism 101

Want to enter the tourism market but don’t know WTF WTM is or why people talk about ITB and FITUR like verbs?! You’ve come to the right place.  We love working with brands who are new to the travel and tourism trade world.

Further to our strategy service, Tourism 101 strategy projects go the extra (nautical) mile to introduce you and your team to our world, to make it your world too. Over the course of a year we’ll slowly but surely impart our knowledge, contacts, connections and ways of working and set you up for a lifetime of travel industry success. 

From the initial goal setting session and strategy creation, through to visitor or guest services training,  ticketing / reservations system implementation, contract and collateral creation, travel trade liaison and much more, we’ll guide you through the whole process,  obtaining buy-in from internal and external stakeholders alike. And believe us they both matter if you’re in this for the long-haul! 

Sales Representation

Our relationships are our business. TravelBeat is well respected within the travel and tourism industry and our partners benefit from our in-depth personal relationships with travel and tourism organisations; tour operators, travel agencies, third party online sellers and many other facets of the industry.

There is nothing we love more than getting out and about, sharing our partners’ stories with the industry. And in our case, sharing stories means sales. The question is, how can we help?

We act as sales directors and brand guardians for many of our partners who benefit from our full representation service. Here, we act as the face and the voice of our partner’s organisation.  It’s a great way to maximise return, minimise cost and ensure your business always has a travel trade professional on hand.

You’ll benefit from an annual activity plan with sales calls and trade show attendance in multiple markets, alongside our day to day work, ensuring each relationship we maintain on your behalf yields the best results possible.

This way of working is particularly useful if you have limited budgets or if you have a knowledge gap in your team.

Alternatively, we can work with you on a project basis, offering support in the areas you need it most.  We can help you to target a specific market segment like LGBTQ, Luxury, soft adventure sports, or wellness. Maybe you’re looking to cultivate a geographic region such as Germany, Sweden or Poland. 

You may also be hosting a stand-alone event and need your guest list managing or, you may want to set up some exclusive sales calls. You could also be attending a trade show and need appointment support. We’re more than happy to help.  We can also help you with tour operator product and marketing campaign development; events,  exhibition and familiarisation trip support.  Whatever your goal, our hands-on approach, passion, creativity and our insights are at your disposal for as long as you need us.


TravelBeat was founded as a digital tourism marketing company in 2015. We offer numerous different solutions to target tourists from all over the world more effectively. We understand that your online presence may be the first point of contact of a customer to your brand and value the importance of exactly this.  TravelBeat will work closely with your team to increase direct sales and to ensure maximum awareness of any given product (festivals, weddings, open days, etc) across the world.

SEO and website optimisation

We work hard to optimise your website and online store, both within the code and content, and to make sure Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) value your website highly. A successful SEO strategy implementation means stronger brand, stronger community and long-term consumer-driven conversions (instead of paid).

Data driven digital marketing

With 350 million global user profiles and over 15 algorithms in play, we’re able to track and target tourists who are travelling into your destination.  Furthermore, using demographic, geo and behavioural targeting, we can target specific to travel class, hotel star rating, the day of the week the visitor arrives and much more.  We’re able to target tourists inbound to anywhere, from anywhere. We can target using programmatic, social media, video on demand advertising and much more.  This big data approach underpins everything we do and allows us to track seasonality which informs our representation work.

Want to know how we do it?  Feel free to give us a call and we’ll go for a coffee… we know you won’t regret the meeting.

Marketing, Partnerships and Media Buying

The world of media, marketing and partnerships can be confusing. It is constantly changing, broadening and diversifying. There is always something new!  We know how important it is to keep on top of this ever in flux part of our industry and ensure our partners stay ahead of the game to achieve the best cut through. It’s a big world out there!

Although our roots lie in the digital world, we work with our partners to create integrated media and partnership campaigns that achieve results. We pride ourselves on our creative approach, ensuring our partners get the most for their money. 

Adopting a wholistic approach to working together means we can integrate our press and PR campaigns into media buying campaigns ensuring our partners maximise every opportunity presented to them.


We love to talk about our partners to anyone who’ll listen. That including travel and tourism trade journalists. We don’t re-invent the wheel here, but we do pick up the phone and nurture our relationships to ensure our clients are always represented in trade media publications. We’ll root out your stories, hooks and angles, and spread the word to travel trade and group travel organiser outlets all over Europe and North America.  At World Travel Market 2018, we achieved over £40,000 GBP worth of coverage for our clients.  Just a quick example of the results we’ve achieved.


As much as we love cute little furry animals, MICE stands for meetings, incentives, conferences and events. This segment of the industry can be tricky to navigate for those who haven’t worked within it before and lead times can be much, much longer than our beloved leisure markets but the rewards can be oh so much greater when those groups finally start to arrive.  We’ll work with you to maximise your appeal to the market, working to develop your product and sales.  From RFP generation and fulfilment to sales calls, trade show representation and meeting planning, press and PR, familiarisation trips and destination stakeholder work, we’ll ensure you give the best impression to this very lucrative segment.