Symeon Vasileiadis

Managing Director

Symeon Vasileiadis

Managing Director

Hailing from Greece, Symeon heads up TravelBeat as managing director, which probably makes TravelBeat a democracy. Maybe? He has been at the helm of the company since it was established back in 2015.

He is dedicated when it comes to developing and growing a great organisational culture between our team and our partners – one that is hardworking but also a unique and fun to be a part of. Symeon always makes sure that the company operates around its core values, and that the team does so too. Symeon knows that great businesses should generate lasting social impact and TravelBeat certainly epitomises this.

But first, let’s take it all back to the beginning…

The prize for most varied career path would definitely go to Symeon. He has almost certainly ‘been there and done that’.  Possessing both an MBA and a master’s in business economics, Symeon left academia and cut his teeth in his family business in Thessaloniki. He quickly rose to the position of CFO before he decided a career in travel was more up his alley.  Deciding against becoming a trolley dolly for Olympic Airways, Symeon moved to Athens and co-launched an LGBTQ travel marketing company and an LGBTQ Online Travel Agency, whilst at the same time continuing to work in finance for Greek shipping companies, navigating them through the country’s economic crisis.

Following his move to the UK, Symeon founded TravelBeat and that’s where our story starts.

With his background, Symeon is an advocate for entrepreneurship, enterprise and all things Greek. He’s currently advising the Mayor of his home-town about the  tourism industry. He is frequently called on to give tourism marketing updates and insights to Greek businesses them to stay at the forefront of our tourism world.

Symeon’s drive comes from his love of travel and of his love of learning. Symeon’s obsession with statistics and data driven marketing underpins everything TravelBeat does and it helps the whole team know what’s coming next and allows us all to navigate our partners through any challenging times.

Symeon loves to share his insights and learnings in order to help his team, partners and travel and tourism stakeholders & communities to create enduring, positive results and change. He’s the reason we’re all here.

Have you met him? You should.

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